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What is MightySteam®?

A unique high-temperature superheated steam with a temperature higher than the ordinary inversion temperature.  Superheated steam has low oxygen content.  MightySteam is at a high temperature, so it is not fog nor mist.  Learn about steam disinfection, sanitation and sterilization.

Clean without contaminating means not allowing chemicals to accumulate after cleaning (as they invariably often do in nooks and corners).  Today several toddler-use and pet areas are sprayed or cleaned with chemicals. Although without knowing the exact chemical one cannot say if the chemicals are unsafe, it appears that large concentrations of many chemicals may not be fully safe (high concentrations can occur over time if the chemicals are not washed off).  With Mightysteam we propose a high-quality steam cleaning process.*

MightySteam® is a portable steam generator ideal for many unique and routine cleaning requirements. The MightySteam® units offer high-temperature superheated steam jets. Save time and energy with high-temperature enabled speed.  Almost four times more temperature than common steam –  rapid-on/off for steam as desired.

All MightySteam® devices feature the SaniZap® technology, allowing for fast and effective cleaning of surfaces. Recent patents, allow the production of the type of steam-cleaning at many levels (from small bacterial- size to larger parts). Steam-jet for the loosening of hard-sticky substances. Avoid spreading of harsh/synthetic chemicals- instead, consider high potency clean steam. No worries about any pressure-vessel use. Out of the box use.  No worries about accumulating organic residue.

Uses for cleaning steam is contemplated from use in restaurants, hotels,  airports,  clean shopping carts, pet-bowls, germy-gyms, and children-use areas.  Cleanings for fungus and bed bug-reduction to HVAC coil cleaning and other oil sticky or greasy surfaces.  Grease often attracts dust and microbes.

*It should be fully understood that a complete-cleaning regiment may require many types of cleaning methods and every method may have concerns.

Features: Plug and Play, 4 kW power, 208-240 V (50/60 Hz) plug-in, Ground Fault detectors, Temperature Indicator,  Access to comprehensive information on anti-bacterial and advanced steam. Supported by an advanced industrial company with many patents and several decades of manufacturing experience in the USA. Advantages: Once plugged-in and turned -on, the MightySteam® units begin to generate superheated steam within a minute.

  • The MightySteam® is a highly portable and quiet unit that produces steam very quickly.
  • No boiler certifications or intensive training is needed for steam generation.  .
  • The MightySteam® features truly plug and play operations and an unmatched 752°F (400°C) – higher superheated steam in an easy to use, compact profile.
  • Steam is a penetrative gas and a known agent against microbes.  Must be used in the proper fashion for temperature and residence time.
  • Temperature indicators and ground fault detectors are provided. Regardless users should, however, familiarize themselves with steam use and safety.

Industrial Strength Superheated Steam

  • MightySteam® produces a highly effective 752°F or hotter superheated steam, allowing for faster and more effective cleaning.
  • Dual output conditions allow MightySteam® units to produce high-temperature cleaning steam as well as superheated steam ideal for disinfection.
  • MightySteam’s small profile allows it to be easily stowed away when not in use. Included storage box keeps MightySteam® unit safe from damage and also doubles as a convenient water reservoir.
  • Laboratory tests have shown that within seconds high-temperature steam will denature many bacteria and microbes. Higher temperature steam will need less time to be equally if not more effective. The quality of steam is essential. Steam is a known antimicrobial agent. All disinfecting chemicals or steam are agents, and high-temperature steam is a potent non-toxic agent. Periodic treatment with high-temperature steam is recommended (when used correctly) to achieve maximum benefits. Steam quality can sometimes be checked with the proper steam chemical indicators. For bacterial testing, please begin with commonly available test kits (Read this Blog Post for more information on how to determine the cleanliness). When possible, please check with a professional microbiologist.


Great care must be exercised with the use of steam producing devices that are used to create and/or direct steam on to any object or surface. MightySteam® is capable of inflicting steam burns if exposed to skin, so always use the proper personal protective equipment to ensure the operator’s safety. Never operate the MightySteam® around small children or animals who may be curious about the steam. Never attempt to “feel” how hot the steam is, you will get burned. Surfaces treated by the MightySteam® may also become warm to the touch, so use caution when touching impacted surfaces.

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Brucellosis is a highly contagious zoonosis caused by ingestion of unpasteurized milk or undercooked meat from infected animals, or close contact with their secretions.  it usually infects goats and occasionally sheep. B. suis is of intermediate virulence and chiefly infects pigs. Symptoms include profuse sweating and joint and muscle pain. Brucellosis has been recognized in animals and humans since the 20th century It is also known as undulant fever, Malta fever, and Mediterranean fever.  Brucella species are small, Gram-negative, nonmotile, non-spore-forming, rod-shaped (coccobacilli) bacteria. They function as facultative intracellular parasites, causing chronic disease, which usually persists for life. Four species infect humans: B. abortusB. canisB. melitensis, and B. suisB. abortus is less virulent than B. melitensis and is primarily a disease of cattle. B. canis affects dogs. B. melitensis is the most virulent and invasive species;