Industrial Steam Cleaner/HVAC-Filter Clog Cleaning with Steam-Rapidly Remove Grease and Grime

High Quality Industrial Steam Cleaner/HVAC/Filter Clog Cleaning with Steam


For Industrial level cleaning we recommend the SaniZap 4.  (See adjacent cleaning,  degreasing and Sanitizing video’s on this page).

Self drying steam for antimicrobial conditions.

Rapid degreasing with minimum wetness.

Use for several levels of cleaning from paint remover, wall-paper remover, grease removal to antimicrobial (please verify efficacy with your microbiologist on staff or from independent sources). Grease and grime and antibacterial.  Rapid acting

The SaniZap® has a number of applications as an industrial steam cleaner.   High-velocity steam jet 10-50 m/s.  Possibly the highest high-temperature steam velocity.



Bayzi Case-Studies Vol. 3A Print Version 1

SaniZap 600-4 now includes a rapid degreaser attachment.  Very useful for removing oil and grime within seconds.

SaniZap-4 with powerful steam degreaser technology

SaniZap-4 with powerful steam degreaser technology

  • Decontaminating and Easy Clean Surfaces such as HVAC coils and radiators without chemicals
  • Cleaning Frequently Contacted Objects
  • Recycling regiment for plastics and other non-disposables.
  • Steam Treating Process Equipment
  • Affected Area Surface Treatment
  • Cleaning Tools and Appliances
  • Grease Remover/ Grime removal
  • A coil cleaning program is an integral part of the care required for high-efficiency cooling equipment and their maintenance operations.
  • Wall Paper Remover/ Rapid production of roofing tiles.
  • Are you using a dry ice impingement cleaner?  Compare efficacy, product surface, and speed with MS400 models.  Happy to do your part and let you watch with Facetime or Skype.
  • Belt Sanitation.  In-situ or removed.

With dozens of specialized applications, please contact us to discuss the suitability of a MightySteam® device for your application.

Please use gloves.  The picture only illustrates that filters are easily cleaned within minutes by waving in front of the steam jet nozzle of a MS400 device.

  • 400°C+ Superheated Dry Steam even upto 600C – Above the inversion temperature. True dry steam. Low moisture content and super high-temperature steam. SaniZap® is a steam cleaner with the ability to generate condensation-free steam when used properly.
  • Industrial Strength – High power steam capable of decontaminating a number of surfaces.
  • Fast Acting – Unrivaled operating temperatures allow for the fastest cleaning in its class.  No boiler to contend with.
  • Easy Operations – Plug and play, highly portable unit features incredibly simple setup and operation.
  • No Boiler, No Waiting –  SaniZap® units do not have a pressure boiler that takes time to heat up.   Plug the unit in, and you have super-heated steam within moments.

Step up to the big leagues with a high temperature of 842°-1112°F super-heated steam cleaner. The SaniZap® models offers unparalleled temperatures and cleaning power without the drawbacks of traditional industrial boiler-pressure steamers. With the steam from SaniZap®, one can clean surfaces faster, and more thoroughly than ever before!

Easy to clean difficult regions
Easy cleaning ND DEGEWASING  of oil soaked filters 1


  • Lightweight Unit – SaniZap®.
  • Safe – No pressurized vessels to rupture. No errant overspray to cause burns.
  • Efficient – Outlet to output efficiency of over 99%.
  • Plug and Play – Plug the SaniZap® in and turn it on. Steam is generated within moments of initial power, even from a cold start!
  • High Temperature – 1112°F industrial-grade steam is ideal for decontaminating a number of surfaces. Higher temperature steam means faster decontamination and more efficient cleaning overall.
  • Durable Design – SaniZap® uses industrial-strength components- not flimsy plastics like many existing steamers. SaniZap® has been designed from the ground up as an industrial/commercial steamer, not as a mass-produced consumer/residential targeted steamer.
  • Numerous Output Options – SaniZap® features a diverse selection of output nozzles suited for a number of applications.
  • No unsafe pressure boilers.


MightySteam’s configurable output nozzles allow it to be used in a wide variety of applications.

  • HVAC dirty coils or greasy surfaces
  • High efficacy antimicrobial impact
  • Aluminum Grates
  • Difficult to reach contaminated surfaces
  • Food Processing Equipment. CIP, HIP in-place cleaning.
  • Stainless Holding Vats
  • Concrete Surfaces
  • Frequently Contacted Surfaces such as Railings, Doorknobs, Handles, and Knobs
  • Pest Control such as Mites, Bedbugs, and other nuisances insect/mites.
  • Remove Paint or WallPaper, e.g., pictures below.   A very old table surface had old red paint on it.  Steamed for a few minutes with the steam-wand directed at the table surface and wiped-off.  Many window clean up and restorations projects are contemplated with the SaniZap® product by quality-restorers.
  • For animal housing.  High quality equestrian uses.
  • For antimicrobilizaling hay.


Step up to the big leagues with a high temperature 1112°F super-heated steam cleaner. SaniZap® offers unparalleled temperatures and cleaning power without the drawbacks of traditional industrial boiler-pressure steamers.No chemicals – just water/steam.  With the SaniZap® models, you can clean surfaces faster and more thoroughly than ever before!