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Destroying PFAS with temperature.

High-temperature steam and steam plasma are available today.    See for example here. Destroying PFAS with temperature is possible.  Reports place the temperature at between 500C and 1000C. ACS EST Engg. 2022, 2, 2, 198–209 Publication Date:January 11, 2022...

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Bacteria in the Car

Bacteria in the Car

The Areas of our Cars with the Most Bacteria: Source What Are The Dirtiest Areas Of Our Cars? | Scrap Car Comparison Boot – 1,425 bacteria identified Driver’s seat – 649 bacteria identified Gearstick – 407 bacteria identified Back seat – 323 bacteria identified...

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Hospital Acquired infections (nosocomial)

A rising omicron problem

Over the past four weeks, Omicron has risen rapidly in estimates, accounting for: 8.0% of cases the week ending Dec. 11, 2021 37.9% of cases the week ending Dec. 18, 2021 77.0% of cases the week ending Dec. 25, 2021 95.4% of cases the week ending Jan. 1, 2022 Source:...

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