Bird Droppings Removal

MightySteam® is highly effective and efficient when it comes to cleaning bird droppings from nearly all surfaces. MightySteam cleans without having to blast with sCo2 or other ice particles thus causing little or no damage to the surface.

Dried bird droppings are possibly one of the most difficult stains to remove from most surfaces. When bird poop dries on a car, it becomes exponentially more difficult to remove without damaging the finish of the vehicle. Presoaking is often necessary, along with a chemical application to loosen the bond, followed by vigorous scrubbing to remove all of the debris. The average elapsed time for full removal of one bird dropping from an automobile is over 60 seconds. The MightySteam® is capable of blasting away bird poop stains in around 10 seconds, without harsh chemicals or damaging the finish of the vehicle.

When compared to traditional methods of bird droppings cleaning such as bleach or commercially available solvents, the power of MightySteam® is much more evident*. Traditional cleaning methods average 60-180 seconds for effective cleaning, while MightySteam requires from 2-10 seconds to remove the same stains. This leads to an estimated average of 238 droppings per hour capacity for the MightySteam, compared to just 20-60 droppings per hour for traditional methods. The energy saved is also a consideration, with MightySteam to be estimated at about just 127 Joules of energy to clean 30 droppings, compared to nearly 1800 Joules needed with chemicals and scrubbing. Could be used in   It could be used at dog kennels, horse stables, chicken farms?

* Internal Bayzi Tests – not necessarily verified with highly controlled and structured experiments.

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