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MightySteam® from SaniZap®

Safety is paramount, so remember to review the safety protocols before operating the SaniZap® in your home.  Please review safety information.

Germiest Places in America – They’re In Your House!  The NIH and CDC team who studied surface variation for coronavirus is already looking into virus viability in different matrices, as well as in varying environmental conditions. Temperature, humidity and surface properties can all affect survival, (  In general, viruses survive longest at lower temperatures of surfaces, higher humidity and surfaces like stainless steel.

Kitchen. SaniZaps® is great at cleaning floors, sinks, counter tops, and cabinets. The MightySteam® is capable of cleaning most surfaces and even the toughest of stains.

Appliances. Baked on stains are no match for SaniZap’s 1122°F (600°C) steam. Ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, and microwaves can all benefit from a MightySteam® clean.

Bathroom. Sinks, faucets, toilets, showers, bathtubs, shower heads, and flooring are all surfaces MightySteam® can clean and sanitize, with less effort and environmental impact than harsh chemical cleaners. Soft and hard materials as long as it is held at a distance that does not cause any damage.

Tile & Grout. SaniZap® is great for refreshing grungy black grout and water stained tiles.

Furniture. The SaniZap® can save hours of scrubbing with chemicals that may not work. MightySteam® is capable of removing most stains and odors from furniture upholstery.  See information on bird droppings.

Clothes. MightySteam® can de-wrinkle and deodorize many types of clothes, saving on expensive dry cleaning bills.

Patio equipment. MightySteam® works great for cleaning metal, plastic or fiberglass patio furniture. MightySteam® can also be used to clean concrete, wood and laminate patios.

Garage. Oil and grease are no match for MightySteam®. 1112°F (600°C) of thermal energy will remove contaminants and have your garage looking like new.  One can hold the nozzle closer to or further away from the spot for simple temperature control or use the programmable feature in the SaniZap-600-4-240.

Trash cans. Not only do they stink, but they also harbor all types of bacteria. MightySteam® can clean your trash cans with ease.

Vinyl Siding. Use MightySteam® to remove any mold growth or stains on vinyl siding, improving the appearance of your home.

Brick & Masonry. MightySteam’s high thermal energy allows for tough to clean brick surfaces to be cleaned without erosion or surface degradation.

Driveways. Stubborn oil and rust stains are no match for the MightySteam®. Have your driveway looking like new with a simple super-heated steam treatment.

Roofs. Get rid of unsightly black shingle stains using the MightySteam®. With a high thermal energy and low-pressure output, MightySteam® is safe to use on even older roofs.

Clean and restore dry walls

Clean the hard walls well.

Boats. Nothing ruins a shiny new boat more than mold and algae stains on the hull. Use MightySteam® to remove even the toughest of aquatic stains.

Cars. Dried bird poop is possibly one of the most difficult stains to remove from most surfaces. When bird poop dries on a car, it becomes exponentially more difficult to remove without damaging the finish of the vehicle. Presoaking is often necessary, along with a chemical application to loosen the bond, followed by vigorous scrubbing to remove all of the debris. The average elapsed time for full removal of one bird dropping from an automobile is over 60 seconds. The MightySteam® is capable of blasting away bird poop stains in around 10 seconds, without harsh chemicals or damaging the finish of the vehicle. With careful use, the MightySteam® is also able to degrease and clean automotive engine bays. When the exterior is cleaned, use MightySteam® on interior stains and to remove odors.

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