Cleaning with the SaniZap-600-4 for Antimicrobial and Rapid Degreasing

Rapid Steam Degreaser
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SaniZap® technology brings unprecedented dry steam cleaning power to the market. With high-temperature steam both antibacterial and degreasing functions can be carried out.

Why does temperature matter? Higher temperature steam has a higher energy content, allowing it to dissolve the bonds between contaminants and your surface.  Higher temperature steam above the inversion temperature with low oxygen will often denature bacteria and other microbes faster.


Steam Cleaning a Car

Steam Cleaning a Car

Other features include (typical picture shown).  Note temperatures offered by current models are greater than 1112F(600C):

  • Small Footprint: Unit is easily storable in even the smallest of closets. The SaniZap-4-600 has a small foot print
  • Lightweight Design:   On wheels for the SaniZap’s or with a backpack for SaniZap-1.
  • Instant Steam Generation: Within a minute. They are no more waiting the 10-15 minutes or higher the boiler to heat water.   InstaBoiler™ technology allows the SaniZap® to produce superheated steam from the moment it is powered on.  On a cold start, the SaniZap-4-600 takes a few minutes to reach a steady state.
  • Easy to Use: No complicated manuals or boiler safety regulations. Plug it in and flip the switch!  Regardless please read the manual and safety instructions,
  • High Efficiency: SaniZap® generates higher temperature steam using less energy than any other vapor steam cleaner.

Now offered with several levels for cleaning.  Grime removal is rapid and easy.

Ideal for cleaning many surfaces, including:

  • HVAC systems and radiator coils
  • Greasy surfaces
  • Stainless Steel (Both Smooth and Rough)
  • Concrete
  • Door Handles
  • Machine Shop (machines and parts)
  • Countertops
  • Appliances
  • Processing Equipment
  • Sports and Exercise equipment

For more information on how a SaniZap cleaner can fit into your application, please contact us today!