Sanizap® Technology

SaniZap® machines offer patented technology and method to clean surfaces faster, more uniformly and often to cleanliness levels than ever before with exciting levels of in Sanitation and disinfection.

  1. Higher temperatures.
  2. Faster ramp-up rates.
  3. Higher efficiencies.
  4. Higher than common inversion temperatures.
  5. Better cleaning.
  6. Better cleaning
  7. Clean at many levels.
  8. Longer product life.
  9. No residual organic contamination.
SaniZap 1

SaniZap 1




SaniZap® technology is employed in the MightySteam® line of steam cleaning products and also by the MightySteam® service which represents a service that provides for the cleaning of interior and exterior surfaces utilizing concentrated superheated steam for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

MightySteam® is also a service, providing for the cleaning of interior and exterior surfaces utilizing concentrated super-heated steam for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.”


Steam Products

SaniZap and MightySteam

Very deep levels of cleaning and sanitation

SaniZap and Weed Killer Extender

Easy use handheld deep cleaning and sanitation

SaniZap®  Extender.  Limited tests (not yet for public consumption) have shown early efficacy against deactivation of  a wide range of micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. These include: Endospore-forming bacteria, including: Geobacillus stearothermophilus: bacillus atrophaeus, vegetative bacteria, Atypical bacteria (i.e. Mycoplasma), Viruses Bacteriophage, Fungi (e.g. Penicillium sp).  These results have not been verified independently yet, efforts are underway to create more proof centers with the propagation of the equipment.

New: Enhanced discharge steam-jet temperature for the SaniZap® model.  The SaniZap® allows for faster and effective cleaning of surfaces.
  • Deep Penetration. Instant Steam. Quickly treat large area surfaces. High velocity. Quick on-off.  Defend with MightySteam®.
  • High temperature, moisture-free production of non-chemical steam (H2O). No organic residue from this steam. Clean without further contaminating.  Novel Technology.
  • Use in sensitive spots where chemicals should not accumulate. Sensitive spots include pet-messes and clean rooms. High-velocity steam outlet spray.
  • Best energy efficiency with patented steam production.  No boiler.  On-Off at will. Hi-Q Steam.
  • Easily dislodge hard to clean sticky substances with the high temperature steam. Cleanse at many levels. 
  • Control the temperature easily. With controls and application distance. Improved Productivity. Several programs are provided.
  • Recycling of plastics and other non-disposables. A steam cleaning regiment could provide rapid productivity and clean-ability to levels never experienced before – all without chemicals.
  • The type of steam cleaning also fits the real ‘clean-up after a clean up’ type of cleaning operation.  We recommend rigorous testing with good super-heated steam to ascertain whether new fungus strains of candida may be cleaned.
  • All devices feature high-temperature steam above the common inversion temperature.