Chemicals that are used for cleaning could be quite harmful.


Some chemicals can be toxic 

Be Careful of some common disinfectants.

Don’t spray disinfectants to kill Coronavirus, WHO advises..

Do not contaminate with even commonly used sanitizing chemicals

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Steam must be applied directly to bed bugs, insects and their eggs to be effective. Steam has no residual effect on bed bugs or other insects. Steam is only effective when it comes in contact with a living bed bug, insect or their eggs for the appropriate residency time. Steam can be effective in reducing bacteria counts when exposed to high enough temperatures and residency times.  Bayzi offers no expressed or implied warranties as to the efficacy of steam in reducing or eliminating bacteria, microbes or pathogens.

  • Pesticides have been shown to cause neurological and respiratory symptoms in humans.
  • Children face greater risks from pesticide exposure, including reproductive disorders, birth defects, immune suppression, dizziness, nausea, and other problems.
  • It appears that around 500,000 metric tons of pesticides are used in the United States every year.
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