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Bacteria in Space Vehicles

Bacteria ‘from Outer Space’ Found on Space Station?  

Bacterial cells treated with a common antibiotic in the near-weightlessness of the International Space Station (ISS) responded with some clever shape shifting that likely helped them survive, findings with implications for both astronauts and people on Earth.

Are the bacteria in space different from earth even though they are more resistant to antibiotics?  Just getting started on such research.

MightySteam at the Ohio Food Industry Expo

The MightySteam® team was displayed at the Ohio Food Industry Expo by CIFT (Center for Innovative Food Technology). The significant booth-traffic focused on non-toxic antimicrobial cleaning for the food industry. Please contact CIFT for more...

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How Clean are Your Surfaces?

Bacteria, fungi, mold and yeast are commonplace. Even on surfaces that appear visibly clean. Microbes can live on doorknobs, handles and commonly touched surfaces indefinitely sometimes in a dormant manner (see Some molds like...

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