Pressure and Steam

High pressure does not always mean you are getting high-quality steam – in fact, you often get only saturated steam which can easily have moisture (fog and mist).  The MS400 series produces a jet because of high kinetic energy.

MightySteam exit is 400°C or more for the MS400 series.   For the vapor steam, it depends on the humidity (typical for 0.33 moisture it is 158C).   Dry steam.

High-quality steam implies that there is no water (liquid) present in the steam.  In the past, the only way to increase steam temperature was to increase the pressure of the boiler. This typically leads to larger boiler size and heavier devices. Bayzi’s patented BoilerFree™ technology allows MightySteam® units to generate higher temperature steams without increasing the size of the device.

Typical drawbacks of Traditional Boiler type compared to Pure-Steam Generator Cleaners 

Broadly speaking Steam Generators (specially 1 atmosphere) types yield a higher productivity and better energy efficiency.  Boiler steam commonly suffers from the following problems.

Limited temperatures. As already mentioned, the only way to increase the steam temperature in the past with boiler type of steam was to increase pressure. This leads to larger, more massive devices.    If you’re in the market for a dry vapor steam cleaner, you have undoubtedly noticed many manufacturers boasting exit temperatures of 121°C(One Bar Saturated), 134°C (2 Bar Saturated) and even 145°C (3 Bar Saturated) ratings on their units.

Low temperature, high moisture content steam. Even the steam cleaners marketed as “dry vapor steamers” seem to sometimes have 1-5% moisture content. While it is dry compared to say, a carpet cleaner, 1-5% moisture content is still too high to be effective against microbes.  However for some purposes, one may want high humidity (water containing) high-temperature steam like the BAYZI Vapor Steam Gas Models.

Slow startup. Boilers still take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to get to the temperature from a cold start, even with preheated water. MightySteam® produces steam at the temperature within 60 seconds of power, even if you start with cold water inlet.

Highly Inefficient. Other steam cleaners use an in-tank heating element, heating water that isn’t even immediately being used thus causing a constant power usage.  Bayzi units are on-off. MightySteam’s patented SaniZap® technology allows on the fly heating. This wastes less energy and makes your cleaning even greener.

Bulky Devices. For higher temperatures, a larger boiler is typically required from boilers. This means more weight and an even more unwieldy cart to be transported (if at all transportable).

Control.  With select MightySteam® models, merely turning a knob or activating a switch can change from high temperature cleaning steam to non-condensing superheated dry steam, perfect for applications such as disinfecting when deemed and required.

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