Safety Information

Bayzi wants to ensure the safety of MightySteam® users.  Please use safety-wear required for high temperature, electric equipment and also industrial use amongst others that you may identify for your safety needs.  These should include proper gloves, proper eyewear, proper dust masks, proper clothing against steam penetration (no pores) and all additional safety equipment that you may anticipate for your use should be used by you.   Please do not mix any chemicals – even soap as this will disable the warranty.

Detailed installation and user manual is provided with product.  While cleaning with the steam jet nozzle please wear nose masks and othe protections as the jet may distribute particles and vapors.

Bayzi calls out safety instructions below.   As should possibly all disinfectant providers.  Also please note that no one solution fits everything.  Please use a varity of solutions for your cleaning regiment.

NEVER point the nozzle at another person, pet, or any other flammable object.  Superheated steam will cause severe burns.  Please be aware of the risks of burning
DO NOT USE WITH COMBUSTIBLE LIQUIDS or On Surfaces that Produce Vapors or Gasses.  Use with Clean Water input into the steamer for best results.  Wear nose, eye, thermal and other protections.
The dangers of superheated steam should be well understood before operations to ensure correct, safe usage.  The temperature of your impacted surface depends on quite a bit on distance from the steam generator.  Please be aware that you may deform, burn or spoil objects that cannot take the temperature.
Do not touch the MightySteam® nozzle during operations or 10 minutes following operations; it will be hot.
Do not try to touch the steam emitted from the MightySteam®. You WILL have burns.  Learn how to recognize and treat first-degree steam burns here.
Always wear high-temperature gloves and eye protection. It is also highly recommended to wear protective clothing such as closed toe shoes, long pants, and long sleeve shirts while operating the MightySteam®. Steam can penetrate clothes, so please use caution.
Always use a respirator. The steam produced by MightySteam® is safe, but impacted surfaces may emit harmful particles.
Maintain an adequate (several feet)  safety perimeter from the MightySteam® nozzle.
Do not use the MightySteam® around flammable materials; it may cause ignition.
Be aware of your surroundings while operating the MightySteam®. Do not operate around children or animals that may be curious about the steam.
When finished with the MightySteam®, unplug the unit and store it in a safe location.
Do not allow children or untrained users to operate the MightySteam®.
Bayzi or related parties assume no responsibility for consequential or indirect damages from the use of MightySteam®.
Familiarize yourself with first aid. Learn how to recognize and treat first-degree steam burns here.
The MightySteam® is a powerful tool. Please use caution when operating, so as not to hurt yourself or those around you. Thank you for wearing safety glasses, noze and face masks, non-porous safety wear, GLOVES, and other safety wear.

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