SaniZap-1 Backpack Steam Sanitizer

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Accessories for SaniZap 1

SaniZap-1 Hand Held Unit with Backpack Water Reservoir.

Getting tired of constantly using a sanitizer and wipes?

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What is Purchased: Steam Generator Main Unit (The Patented Slimline Steam Generator), Backpack, Various Nozzles, Safety-kit (SK) and, User Manual included.

The steam extender 18″ is included. Flat and Wide Nozzle included.  Other Nozzles included.  Flexible safety distancer provided.

For the typical use of steam-based cleaning/sanitation and related decontamination.

Requirements at the user site: Water and Electric Supply.

Electrical 110/120V Electric.  With UL rated Cut-off temperature function

SKU: SaniZap-1 Categories: Anti Bed Bug Steam Use Models, MightySteam®, MightySteam® Service, SaniZap® Tag: High-temperature handheld steam generator for general purpose use

Cleaning difficult regions 1

Weight of Unit ~ 9lbs.  Dimensions 18″ × 5″ × 5″

Shipped in a wheel-along elegant durable container box that can be used for transporting and storage.

What is in the container. SaniZap 1

What is in the container. SaniZap 1

Drag Along on Wheels

SaniZap Container: Drag Along on Wheels

Video on Unpacking and Packing