MightySteam® is Your Solution.

Other steam generators can not compare to the power, or technology of the MightySteam®. If you want to clean quicker, deeper, and more effectively – MightySteam® may be the best answer.  Instant on-off, high-temperature steam, insitu-dry, energy efficiency, and mobility add to the reduction of operational costs.

Re-Open with Deep Clean

Use the latest technology

MightySteam® – Deep clean with steam.  No need for chemicals or toxins.

MightySteam® is a high-quality portable steam generator ideal for many unique and routine cleaning requirements. The MightySteam® units offer high-temperature superheated steam-jet cleaning that will save time. Steam up to 600°C. No pressure vessels.  Starting up after the Covid-19 or a long shutdown?  Please consider deep cleaning with steam before starting up. Clean without further contaminating with chemicals.

“We use it all the time (MS400 model) – wheel it around our food plant -….clean everything…for sanitation.. from stairwells, drains, equipment..”. More testimonials…“I definitely felt it clean…..”. Professor, Cincinnati, USA. More schools are joining the movement toward cleaning for health and appearance –from locker-rooms, closets, equipment to laboratories. Now SaniZap-4 to 600°C

Comparison of deep cleaning methods

Compare Deep Cleaning Methods Steam&Clean™ Steam above the inversion temperature) Pressurized boiler use. (Safety Issue) Deep Clean
MightySteam® Yes No Yes, with high temperature
steam. HealthySurface®
Ordinary Steam Cleaners No Yes No, with saturated steam
Chemical Cleaning Yes, but chemicals may accumulate

Hand-Held Steamer

Clean/disinfect or decontaminate face shields/face-masks and other protective surfaces including shoes. Use for wide-area cleaning prior to the start-up of several commercial places.  For guidance on decontamination, please see the attached links SaniZap® or HealthySurface® or the Learning Center along with other resources on the web.   For information on available financing options please click here.

A Few Reasons – Why Use The Powerful MightySteam®?

Microbial contamination from biofilms and germ colonies leads to costs that are reported to be extremely high, every year, in infection control, epidemics, corrosion loss, and energy/infrastructure materials loss – throughout the world. Many governments and companies are well prepared. The MightySteam can be one feature of well preparedness or readiness for any epidemic or pandemic. Please consult your microbiologist for advice.  Either Hi-Q pure steam at a high temperature or vapor units (steam air mixture) are offered in the MightySteam machines.

  • MightySteam® SANIZAP-600-4-240.  delivers industrial strength 1112°F (600°C) superheated steam. Full Hi-Q steam above the common inversion temperature.  4-5 kW Power.
  • MightySteam® Handheld  High-temperature steam-vapor (with Air) with high specific humidity. 1kW Power.

MightySteam® is Fast

MightySteam® delivers superheated steam within about a minute, no significant waiting like with traditional steam generators. The steam temperature is possibly useful for allergens and smells. Please ask your microbiologist for specific advice.

MightySteam® is Portable

MightySteam® offers high-temperature steam in a small package.  Mobile -easy to move around. None of those heavy boilers to certify. The small footprint allows for easy storage in closets, cabinets or other small spaces.

MightySteam® is Safe

MightySteam® generates steam without the use of a high-pressure boiler. Our patented BoilerFree™ technology allows faster, safer steam without the need for certifications.  Other safety features like a dual nozzle system-mode are provided.  Regardless, please always use gloves, eyewear and all other safety gear. Learn about antimicrobial and antibacterial.

MightySteam® is the modern cleaning method. Order it now.

New: Enhanced 450°C discharge steam-jet temperature for the MS400-4-240. model.  The SaniZap® technology allows for faster and effective cleaning of surfaces.

  • Deep Penetration. Instant Steam. Quickly treat large area surfaces. High velocity. Quick on-off.  Defend with MightySteam®.
  • High temperature, moisture-free production of non-chemical steam (H2O). No organic residue from this steam. Clean without further contaminating. 
  • Use in sensitive spots where chemicals should not accumulate. Sensitive spots include pet-messes and clean rooms. High-velocity steam outlet spray.
  • Best energy efficiency with patented steam production.  No boiler.  On-Off at will.
  • Easily dislodge hard to clean sticky substances with the 450°C (842°F) type steam. Cleanse at many levels. Hi-Q Steam.
  • Control the temperature easily. With controls and application distance. Improved Productivity.
  • Recycling of plastics and other non-disposables. A steam cleaning regiment could provide rapid productivity and cleanability.
  • This type of steam cleaning also fits the real ‘clean-up after a clean up’ type of cleaning operation.  We recommend rigorous testing with good superheated steam to ascertain whether new fungus strains of candida may be cleaned.
  • All MightySteam® devices feature high-temperature steam above the common inversion temperature.

Steam Treating for Antimicrobial/Antiviral

Confined spaces as found on cruise liners are a breeding ground for illnesses from bacteria, viruses and other hardy microorganisms. There are some acceptable ways to control these including chemical disinfection and using high-temperature steam.

MightySteam® is Your Solution

Rarely can other steam generators provide power or technology to the standards that that MightySteam® units can. If you want to clean quicker and more effectively – MightySteam® may be the best answer.  Instant on-off, high temperature, energy efficieny and mobility, add to the high efficacy and the reduction of operational costs.

Deep Penetration

Instant Steam

Quickly treat large area surfaces.

High velocity. Quick on-off.

Defend with MightySteam®.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

“I believe in keeping my family safe with the proper high temperature super-heated steam cleaning. This is such a good direction for public health improvement products. When I cleaned my rest room at home i felt it clean even though I could not visually see if the very small bacteria had been inactivated”.

Professor, University Cincinnati, USA

Testimonial after about two years of trouble free use of the MS400

How is the unit working for you? Great, no problems

What all do you use it for? The main use is cleaning of interior drains.  Also use it on stairs, hand rails, work area table tops and just anything they could reach that needed it

Do you use it a lot? It was assigned to one employee who used it almost everyday (it was purchased in July 2017)

Have you had any issues with it? A couple weeks ago when turning it on the breaker would blow, had maintenance look at it and they determined it was a learning issue for a new person.. Since reviewing operating instructions with the new person no other issues have been reported.

One of the Largest Food Companies in the US

…We used the MHI Superheated HGA2 as a research and development tool for our surgical devices. The MHI Superheated HGA2 steam device performed well for us. It was used to heat various plastics and different materials up to 400°C with superheated steam.” Works graciously. Thank You MHI for the amazing devices.

S Company, U.K.

I have bought and used many steam cleaners.

This is the only one I have real confidence in for cleaning bacteria..

First impressions from a deep clean start up restaurant in 2020 after the Corona Virus shut-down, USA

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