Welcome to the Future of Sanitizing, Food Security, Softening and Degreasing

After every Pandemic, new standards are set for sanitation and hygiene.  Bayzi has you covered with the novel high potency steam.

SaniZap® with MightySteam®.  The Ideal Non-toxic Solution.

Protected by Numerous Patents


Welcome to the Future of Sanitizing


SaniZap® with MightySteam®

Clean with SaniZap® machines

Easy to use. No sticky residuals. Antimicrobial steam.

Protected by Numerous Patents

Rapid Acting – SaniZap® Steam is about 600 times faster than chemical sanitizers.

Self-Drying –  No wetness after use. No wiping is needed.

No Chemicals – No biocides, No chlorine compounds. Just steam. No sticky residue. Safe and healthy.

Degreaser Attachment –  Very rapid action on even tough grease-laden surfaces.

Lowest total cost – compared to chemicals or fogging. No recurring costs.

Portable and Patented – New technology for the Future of Sanitizing.

Laying the Foundation for Post-Crisis Growth


How powerful is steam? “A diverse assortment of pathogenic microorganisms was rapidly killed by the steam disinfection system; all of the pathogens tested were completely inactivated within 5 seconds”. (American Journal of Infection Control).    In contrast spraying or fumigation disinfectant is not recommended (click).  UV suffers from the line of sight drawbacks and other radiation issues.

“We are worried about using these (chemical) cleaners so often. The fumes and odors are terrible.  I am worried what we will find out about this exposure ten or twenty years from now….”. Medical Service Provider, Ohio, USA.  It is best to use steam generators that offer chemical-free steam above the inversion temperature.

The water activity (partial pressure of H2O) for food items that contain bacterium is often high.  Only very high-quality superheated steam should be used for rapid bacterial elimination. Superheated steam can quickly offer 3-log to higher efficacy within seconds. See Journal of Food Control, Vol. 125, 2021.

Super Sanitation plus Cleaning Nozzle
Eliminate Bacteria Virus Fungi with Proper Steam
  • Use on any surface – detailed instructions provided. Allows quick turnaround between customers. Sanitize soft surfaces.
  • Sanitizing should be green and safe, with no chemicals for infection prevention and control, high-touch points.
  • Keep children, pets, homes, clinics and the environment, free from toxic cleaning agents. Communicate with customers.
SaniZap Mini in use

Why Use The Powerful SaniZap®? Who Needs This Product?

How does the steam-product and price compare with chemical sanitization?

Medical/Bacterial Accumulators

Clean Soil

Cleaning difficult regions

Filters/Difficult to Reach

Hampton Inn Gym Cleaning 3

Eliminate Fungus, Allergens, Dust Mites and Bed-bugs

Restaurants Shops Kitchens

Large Food Preparation Areas

Medical and Pandemic


General Cleaning, Degreasing, Bird Droppings

Comparison of deep sanitizing cleaning methods. Times and comparisons are approximate.

Compare MightySteam with Chemicals and UVC

Compare MightySteam with Chemicals and UV

Why Use The Powerful SaniZap®? On most surfaces and also directly vent in a duct – No droplets.

With chemical sanitizers you may have to leave them in every spot for over a minute or more, even up to ten minutes for COVID, for adequate action.Antimicrobial cleaning is all about reducing microbes quickly to the lowest levels. Quick clean action is important for high productivity.

High temperature steam can be sixty times or more faster than chemicals. A diverse assortment of pathogenic microorganisms was rapidly killed by the steam disinfection system; all of the pathogens tested were completely inactivated within 5 seconds. Risks of infection from the contaminated surfaces decreased rapidly with increasing periods of treatment by the saturated steam vapor disinfection system. (Ref: DOI:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ajic.2008.03.008)

Emergency department, operating rooms, examination rooms, lobbies, waiting areas, public restrooms and corridors, inpatient rooms, ambulances, elevators, and other high traffic areas. Antimicrobial steam is the final step in terminal cleaning.  SaniZap-1 and SaniZap-4 are both highly effective on hard and soft surfaces like upholstery, plastic, and can reach nooks and crevices.

SaniZap® Delivers

SaniZap® delivers the right temperature steam for effective anti-microbial and deep cleaning.  Steam is clean and quick when used properly and for the correct residence time. Microbial contamination from biofilms and germ colonies leads to costs that are reported to be extremely high, every year, in infection control, epidemics, corrosion loss, and energy/infrastructure materials loss – throughout the world. The SaniZap® can be one feature of well preparedness or readiness for any epidemic or pandemic.

Contamination is a major problem when culturing cells as it leads to project delays, waste of valuable samples and reagents, and lead to unreproducible results if not detected and managed properly.

SaniZap® is Fast

Super-heated steam within about a minute, no significant waiting like with traditional steam generators.

Superheated steam appears to be have a 600X advantage for time over other techniques (comparisons depend on conditions).

Avoids constant purchase and storage of chemicals.

SaniZap® is Portable

High-temperature steam in a small package, easy to move around. None of those heavy boilers to certify. The small footprint allows for easy storage in closets or other small spaces. Ideal for commercial kitchens and hotels.

SaniZap® is Safe

No chemicals and no high-pressure boiler. Use around kids, pets, in kitchens and other areas. Use safely with the included instructions.

No worries about chemicals build-up in food-prep areas.

SaniZap® is for Food Safety

The SaniZap steam above the inversion temperature can be used as a chemical free agent for food safety.

Use even on powdery surfaces without caking.

SaniZap® Sanitizer Steam

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Safe, Portable, Fast Acting and Versatile

  • SaniZap-600-4-240 –  Mobile units deliver industrial strength super-heated steam.  Full Hi-Q steam above the common inversion temperature.  4 kW Power.
  • SaniZap-1 –  Handheld backpack units.  High-temperature steam-vapor.  Full Hi-Q steam above the common inversion temperature. 1 kW Power.

HealthySurface® with SaniZap® is your solution

Rarely can other steam generators provide power or technology to the standards that that MightySteam® aided SaniZap® units can. If you want to clean quicker and more effectively – SaniZap® may be the best answer.  Instant on-off, high temperature, energy efficiency and mobility, add to the high efficacy and the reduction of operational costs. Instant on-off, high-temperature steam impact, superior drying technology, energy efficiency, mobility and lower operational costs.

Collage of SaniZap 1 Uses
Bayzi Product Modules

Deep Penetration

Instant Steam

Quickly treat large area surfaces.

High velocity. Quick on-off.

Defend with MightySteam®.