Whether for safety, aesthetics or combo-packaging (view video for superheated shrink speed) , shrink-label is one of the fastest growing packaging solutions that uses steam. Similarly quick high temperature steam processing efficiently is required for various applications in textiles, drying, reduction of microbes and many other uses.  Now with the advent of OAB® steam it is possible that one may easily save 85-99% energy and water.  In the past, many steam operations required expensive energy and water usage.   Universal Tunnel Designs with the OAB® System for CPG shrink wrap, textiles, food surface cleaning and many more uses.   Uses include continuous load antibacterial surface treating with proper temperature steam

  1. Simple and Elegant. Multiple wall.  Heat contained. Designed by thermal leader MHI. Simple lift off. Light weight.
  2. Modular – Each Zone is three to five feet.  
  3. Steam generated by the powerful OAB generator.  Energy efficient.
  4. Turn OAB®on and off.   No need to idle.   Move OAB® across various SW lines if required.  Save energy and reduce belt wear.
  5. Now offered with GOLDENBLUE smooth oxy nitride high lubricity. 
  6. Easy adjustment by flaps and height adjusters for entire tunnel when required.
  7. Intuitive Design – graduated indicators simplify setups and adjustments.
  8. Use with 12 kW OAB® steam. Overcome the energy disadvantage of traditional 150kW- 300 kW (15-30 BHP) Boilers.  Reduce your cost per label.
  9. Your part could be tested for you free.      
  10. Smart Power Steam Device                                                                                        

Rapid labelling even for filled bottles and for bottles with unusual curvature has never been easier. Transitions to high ~90% savings is feasible.

Water FlowOver-temperature indicators. Standard.Outlet NozzleSnap-on to Steam TunnelPlug-n-Play, Easy Pipingand Connectors
Several indicators including water flow are provided.Contact MHIEasy Fit to Industrial Production Machines and Tunnels Easy to attach

MHI is a leader in high temperature hybrid designs for batch and continuous loads.  Contact MHI for simple design criteria for continuous loads from textile, packaging, food cleaning to metals.  Rapid labelling even for filled bottles and for bottles with unusual curvature has never been easier. Transition to wards high 90% savings in energy and water even with complex bottles.

What is the yearly Operational Benefit of a Superheated 16kWSteam Generator vs 300kW Traditional Boiler?

Explanation of VPI (Value Performance Index) for cost comparisons.

MHI Shrink Label System
Bottles that are high VPI