SaniZap® Technology

SaniZap® is a patented technology allowing Bayzi products to clean surfaces faster and more uniformly than ever before. The technology allows for rapid steam generation of steam above the inversion temperature and a system of mechanical and materials technologies that include nano-technology.  On account of this new technology the user experiences:

Higher temperatures.

Faster ramp-up rates.

Higher efficiencies.  Higher than common inversion temperatures.

Better cleaning.  Better cleaning also because superheated steam has very low oxygen content. Clean at many levels.

Longer product life.  

No residual organic contamination.

SaniZap® technology is employed in the MightySteam™ line of steam cleaning products and also by the MightySteam™ service which represents a service that provides for the cleaning of interior and exterior surfaces utilizing concentrated superheated steam for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

MightySteam™ is also a service, providing for the cleaning of interior and exterior surfaces utilizing concentrated superheated steam for residential, commercial and industrial purposes."  


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Energy savings and environmentally friendly


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