SaniZap® Technology

SaniZap® is a patented technology allowing Bayzi products to clean surfaces faster and more uniformly than ever before. The technology allows for rapid steam generation and a system of mechanical and materials technologies that include nano technology.  On account of this new technology the user experiences,

Higher temperatures.

Faster ramp-up rates.

Higher efficiencies.

Better cleaning.

Longer product life.

SaniZap® technology is employed in the MightySteam™ line of steam cleaning products and also by the MightySteam™ service which represents a service that provides for the cleaning of interior and exterior surfaces utilizing concentrated superheated steam for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

MightySteam™ is also a service, providing for the cleaning of interior and exterior surfaces utilizing concentrated superheated steam for residential, commercial and industrial purposes."  


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Energy savings and environmentally friendly


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VTA-01 (110V)