An Ideal sanitizing agent: Steam.


  • approved for food contact surface application.
  • has a wide range or scope of activity.
  • destroys microorganisms rapidly.
  • is stable under all types of conditions.
  • is tolerant of a broad range of environmental conditions.
  • can dissolve grime  and clean.
  • H2O has no toxicity and very low corrosivity.
  • is inexpensive – just water used in the most optimal way.
  • does not leave any chemical residue.
  • can penetrate porous objects.
  • can work for high or low water activity foods.
  • steam is a good agent for even very high microbiological loads
  • works against all microorganism even spores.
  • works for both gram positive and gram negative microorganisms.
  • effective against yeasts, molds, fungi, and viruses.

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