Industrial Steam Cleaner

All steam isn't created equal. Many lower temperature steams typically generate a mixture of low temperature steam and high temperature water. Without adequate residency times, this doesn't clean at all or the use of chemicals is often required.  MightySteam® units offer the ability to switch from high temperature general cleaning steam to higher temperature non-condensing disinfecting steam. If you need a solid industrial strength source of steam, look no further than the MightySteam®.

Use for several levels of cleaning from paint remover, grease removal to antimcrobial (please verify efficacy with your microbiologist on staff or from independent sourcces)

The MightySteam® has a number of applications as an industrial steam cleaner.

With dozens of specialized applications, we ask that you Contact Us to discuss the suitability of a MightySteam® device for your application.

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VTA-01 (110V)