Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner


Dry vapor steam is defined as steam having a moisture content much below 5% by volume, below 0.01% preferably. Dry steam is not to be confused with traditional "steamers" which are used to clean carpets or high volume, high temperature water pressure washers. Dry vapor steam cleaners are typically used for sanitation, disinfection (always test your application) and other cleaning methods requiring high thermal energy instead of only high kinetic energy.

What is Dry Vapor Steam Used For?

High temperature steam of good quality when used for the proper contact duration is a known antimicrobial agent.

Dry vapor steam has a number of specific uses:

HVAC coil cleaning

Deodorizing Upholstery (Cars, Mattresses, Furniture)

Decontaminating Surfaces (Handles, Toilets, Fixtures, Railings)

General Cleaning (Elevators, Counter-tops, Sinks, Appliances)

Food Processing Sanitation (Vats, Slicers, Grinders, Tanks)

Housekeeping (Clean Restrooms Fast, Deodorize/Clean Mattresses, Sheets, Pillows)

Steam Drying (The low moisture content of dry steam is less than the ambient humidity)

Nuisance Cleaning (Mold, Mildew, Dander)

Why MightySteam®?

MightySteam® offers a number of unique features and advantages compared to existing dry vapor steam cleaners.


Higher Steam Temperatures - Steam temperatures up to 752°F.

Longer Runtimes - Unit delivers ~8  hours on single back-pack.

Industrial Quality Construction - Plastic is great, but it isn't durable. MightySteam® features a rugged, industrial grade construction that can stand up to use and abuse.

No Pressure Operation - MightySteam® doese not use pressure to generate high temperature steam. Therefore no pressure vessel to annually certify.  No welds to errode. MightySteam® is steam with high thermal energy and good flow from the nozzle without high  pressure build up in the steam generator.

For more information on how MightySteam® can fulfill your cleaning needs, Contact Us Today.

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