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Steam Sanitization Company Kicks Off New Product

By Camri Nelson Cincinnati

PUBLISHED 4:00 PM ET Nov. 18, 2020

CINCINNATI — Sanizap, the newest product by Cincinnati company Bayzi, is the first steam sanitization device of its kind. Mechanical engineer intern Jilip Yasoju and a team of fellow interns began working on it toward the beginning of the pandemic.

What You Need To Know

  • A Cincinnati company, Bayzi, has recently introduced its newest product, SaniZap
  • SaniZap is a superheated instant portable steam generator that pushes out steam as hot as 600 degrees Celsius.
  • Bayzi representatives said the device is 600 times faster than chemical sanitizers, leaves no residue, and it dries on its own
  • It’s currently in the pilot stage, but the company is looking to take orders from hospitals, schools, and other commercial spaces

“[I’ve been] aligning all the parts inside it to make it a complete product,” said Yasoju. “We have been working on looking for different components that goes into the product and make it complete.”

SaniZap is a superheated instant portable steam generator that pushes out steam as hot as 600 degrees Celsius, and unlike most chemical sanitization devices, Bayzi said its device is 600 times faster, leaves no residue, and it dries on its own.

“The most challenging part is that for the heating element it’s very hard to use,” he said. “So, once we start working on it, we made progress on using it more efficiently by making temperatures and at the same time and not losing the efficiency of the product.”

A grant from JobsOhio and support by the economic development group, REDI Cincinnati, has helped jumpstart this product and get it on its feet. It’s currently in the pilot stage and Bayzi is looking to have as many companies try it out as possible.

“We want to get the word out and start getting orders so we can plan and then begin to scale up as, as we move along and looking for resources to do that,” said Anu Vissa, the Bayzi lead.

Vissa has overseen this product from its infancy and believes it will be most efficient for fighting COVID-19.

“This is a groundbreaking technology that provides a new alternative which was not available before,” she said.

From the beginning stages to now, Yasoju said he’s excited to have had the opportunity to work on the product, which he believes is the best to get the job done.

“During the pandemic time, to kill bacteria, to kill viruses, and to kill COVID, this is the most efficient thing which can kill bacteria at a higher temperature, and at a faster rate than all the chemicals that we use,” he said.

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