Plants and Soil Treatment Results for Organic Growth

Steam Treating Soil for Organic Growth

A MightySteam® was used on untreated “dirty” garden soil, which was then incubated for 42 hours to test for bacterial and fungus growth. On the left is the bacterial growth as found on the soil sample treated with the MightySteam®. On the right is the control sample, featuring a high colony count compared to the treated soil.

In addition to testing the number of bacteria colonies in the soil, the growth of each plant was measured after 49 days of growth.

The visual difference is apparent, with the MightySteam® treated plant featuring more blooms and a greater quantity of leaves. In addition, the MightySteam® treated plant experienced fewer brown leaves and had less leaves fallen off by day 22 and day 44.

The SaniZaps and other higher flow steam systems are excellent for Vertical Farming.  Steam sanitation and sterilization can be carried out on soils, mulch, coir, fibers peat and other soil additives.

No public health claims are implicitly or expressly implied by Bayzi regarding the MightySteam®. All claims made regarding the MightySteam® are not verified by any government organization. Each application is unique, so results and/or efficacy will vary from user to user. Always read all applicable manuals and obey safety procedures including wearing appropriate eye protection, thermally insulated gloves, closed toe shoes, and long sleeves/pants while operating the MightySteam®. Remember, MightySteam® unit generates very hot temperatures. If used incorrectly, it will inflict serious burns on any living object placed in front of the steam nozzle, so use utmost care during operations. Results and efficacy vary by application. Always test MightySteam® for an application to ensure safety.
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