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June 2020:

About four years ago we had a derecho (an unusual wind event) in Cincinnati followed by water pipe breakages. Our factory was badly injured.  It took almost a month in damp conditions to recover.  The cleaning crew did a great job. Yet we were never sure that the bacterial colonies had been eliminated. We wished we had better Sanitizing methods  available to us.   The clean up also exposed severe greasy spots from years of accumulated grime.

Being the experts we are with high temperature steam, we decided to purse sterility level products for everyday use by everyday people.  Products, that would not use toxic chemicals – yes, excessive chemicals are a huge new danger.  The MightySteam® technology emerged as a new way to make instant steam.   It involved development of new materials and new systems.  Now all of these are patented.

Finally we have perfected the SaniZap® products.  It was perhaps a timely development for the recent pandemic.  We are continuing our efforts – almost all current revenues are for supporting more R&D.  We believe in you.  We will do our best to keep you safe from microbes and the more dangerous biofilms.

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The Bayzi Focus:  The focus of  Bayzi Corporation is for the systematic application of knowledge towards the production of rapidly generated steam and steam systems for new processes and novel devices to meet the pandemic type of sanitation and cleaning needs.  A new degreasing mode with steam has helped us rapidly clean up and restore to New the old grease accumulated regions!