Commercial Steam Cleaner


Bayzi's commercial steam cleaner models feature cutting edge, BoilerFree™ technology that provides industry leading 752 F/400°C or hotter superheated dry vapor steam. MightySteam® commercial steam cleaners generate the highest temperature steam of any commercially available steam cleaners. Higher temperature steam helps clean surfaces faster and more effectively.

Commercial Steam Cleaner Features


Please verify what it won't or may not do prior to purchase.  There are no gurantees for specific application purposes.  Most often you will have to make your best judgement.

Our superheated steam is an excellent cleaning tool, but it isn't for every application. MightySteam® devices are not like carpet steam cleaners or traditional steam pressure washers. They are meant for delivery the quality and temperature of steam required for even the most difficult cleaning opearations.  Contact us to discuss MightySteam's potential usefulness for your application.  ALthough steam, particularly properly used superheated steam is a known antibacterial agent there is not enough information for us to add about whether it will help with specific viruses like the zika virus or microbes.  Please ask a trained and qualified microbiologist.

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VTA-01 (110V)
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