SaniZap-1 Backpack Steam Sanitizer

SaniZap-1 Hand Held Unit with Backpack Water Reservoir

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What is Purchased: Steam Generator Main Unit (The Patented Slimline Steam Generator), Backpack, Various Nozzles, Safety-kit (SK) and, User Manual included.

The steam extender 18″ is included

For the typical use of steam-based cleaning/sanitation and related decontamination.

Requirements at the user site: Water and Electric Supply.

Electrical 110/120V Electric

SKU: SaniZap-1 Categories: Anti Bed Bug Steam Use Models, MightySteam, MightySteam® Service, SaniZap Tag: High-temperature handheld steam generator for general purpose use

  • Main unit with Backpack Included
  • Backpack has Li-Ion rechargeable battery pump.  Re-charger is included
  • Elegant wheel-along container box included
  • For a limited time, the soil and steam extender 18″ is included at no extra charge
  • All cords included
  • Multiple nozzles included.  Special nozzles for general cleaning and deep cleaning.
  • Multiple delivery configurations
  • Variable temperature between 300°C and 400°C maximum.  Adjustable by flow. Fine tunable valve included
  • Operation is for 110V to 120V (50/60Hz) single phase
  • New technology to reduce any residual condensation and water residue.  Pure steam with envelope hot air drying combinatoric process-unit
  • Patented product.
  • Water refill time ~4 hours per gallon. Refill while in use.
  • Backpack can hold up to 4 Gallons ~15 Liters.  May be used with partial fill.
  • Boiler-free ~up to 1 kg/hour super-heated steam jet for cleaning and drying.
  • Easy Plug and Play
  • Continuous jet-use beyond an hour is allowed as long as device use is within allowed the specifications.
  • Safety distance flexible spring feature.
  • Safety against earth fault (ground fault) is provided.
  • (cUL) Canada Electronics are Offered where Required.
  • Current/Power ~1 kW Nominal
  • Pressure ~1 bar / 14.5psi absolute (0 bar relative to room).
  • Velocity of dry steam stream  ~10 m/s
  • Steam Production within minutes
  • Class 4 Indicator testing is offered
  • For easy steam cleaning and decontamination of targeted areas.
Additional information
Weight of Unit ~3.5 Kg
Dimensions 18 × 5 × 5 in

Arrives in drag along permanent box.  Easy to transport.

Supplied in wheel along elegant box that can be used for stowing.