MightySteam© Uses

Cleaning Stainless Steel Fixtures

MightySteam Tackling a Dirty Door Handle

Safely & Effectively Clean Countertops

MightySteam® is an industrial strength steam tool that has a number of potential uses.

  • Steam Sanitation for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces.(Good quality superheated steam like Mighty Steam has very little oxygen),
  • Food Handling and Processing facilities stand to benefit from high-temperature steam cleaning that won’t contaminate the product.
  • Surface Decontamination is possible with steam.
  • Steam Treating Soil has shown to result in larger, healthier plants.
  • Bird Poop Removal is significantly easier with the high thermal energy of the MightySteam™.
  • Pest Control/Bed Bugs is possible with superheated steam, consult with Bayzi for more information and more…
  • Use as an Industrial SteamPick(TM)
  • HVAC and radiator coils
  • Drying:  Drying with steam above the inversion temperature
  • Paint removal