Why MightySteam®?

Powerful, Faster, Higher Temperature, Portable, Controllable Temperature from Simple Clean to Disinfectant Clean, Lowest price for $/°F.  MightySteam® offers the highest temperature steam and fastest startup time of any commercially available steam cleaning tool. MightySteam® delivers 752°F (400°C) or greater steam within about a minute (depends on model). Superheated steam is a known antimicrobial chemical agent when used properly. Superheated steam will soften/dislodge common grease and many other sticky substances.

MightySteam® is Powerful

MightySteam® delivers industrial strength 752°F superheated steam.

MightySteam® is Fast

MightySteam® delivers superheated steam within about a minute, no significant waiting like with traditional steam generators.

MightySteam® is Safe

MightySteam® generates steam without the use of a high pressure boiler. Our patented BoilerFree™ technology allows faster, safer steam without the need for certifications.  Other safety features like a dual nozzle system-mode are provided.  Regardless, please always use gloves, eye wear and all other safety gear.

MightySteam® is Portable

MightySteam® offers high temperature steam in a small package. None of those heavy boilers to move around.. The small footprint allows for easy storage in closets, cabinets or other small spaces. 

MightySteam® is Your Solution

Rarely can other steam generators provide power or technology that MightySteam® can. If you want to clean quicker and more effectively - MightySteam®. may be the best answer.

MightySteam® Price is Competitive

MightySteam® offers one of the lowest price for the temperature of operation. No other steam generator can offer the technology platform (patented) that MightySteam® offers.

Based solely on some of the published information that can be used to compare the price per maximum temperature capability, it appears that the MightySteam®  is definitely very well priced.   

"I have used the MightySteam®. ~1 kg/hr handheld.  Works great.  Are larger units available?"    Yes, please note that the MS400-4-240 and the SaniZAP-4 are rated for 4Kg/hr.    Please follow the contact us information on that page for quotes and specifications.


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VTA-01 (110V)