Vapor Steam Cleaner

MightySteam® technology brings unprecedented dry steam cleaning power to the market. With 752°F (400°C) superheated dry steam, it is one the highest temperature vapor steam cleaner available to date. Why does temperature matter? Higher temperature steam has a higher energy content, allowing it to dissolve the bonds between contaminants and your surface.  Highher temperature steam above the inversion temperature with low oxygen will often denature bacteria and other microbes faster.

vapor steam cleaner


Other features include (typical picture shown).  Note temperatures offered by current models are greater than 700F:


Ideal for cleaning a number of surfaces, including:

It is as simple as affecting the surface with the MightySteam vapor steam cleaner, then removing any contaminants from the affected surface. For more information on how a MightySteam vapor steam cleaner can fit into your application, Please contact us today!

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VTA-01 (110V)
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