MightySteam® -TT-500 (TableTop Edition)

MightySteam® -TT-500 (TableTop Edition)
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The MightySteam®-TT-500 (TableTop Edition) 110V

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The MightySteam®-TT-500 offers an adjustable steam control module, allowing the unit to produce non-condensing superheated steam, ideal for disinfecting applications . This modules can distribute a number of commercially available cleaning agents to render surfaces cleaner than ever before.

MightySteam®-TT-500 is a Better way of Cleaning

MightySteam® features instant 932°F (500°C) steam. Compared to existing steam generators, MightySteam® offers considerably hotter steam. Higher temperatures means faster cleaning and more power. The MightySteam®-TT-500 model includes an electric pump and all other items required for immediate use after opening the box.

Higher Temperatures, Non-Condensing Steam

Only MightySteam® can offer high temperature non-condensing steam. Other dry vapor steamers require chemicals to maximize their cleaning potential, MightySteam® relies on superheated dry steam's thermal energy for disinfecting properties.

Incredibly Easy to Use

Spend less time setting up, and more time actually cleaning. MightySteam® prides itself on taking a minimalistic approach to steam generation. No boilers, no dials, no extensive configuration. Fill it with water, plug it in and flip the power switch. Steam is generated within moments of initial power. To switch from clean steam to non-condensing disinfection grade steam, simply turn a knob.

MightySteam BB 500Industrial Strength  Best Steam Generators. 

MightySteam® features durable, industrial grade components for a longer service life with less downtime. MightySteam® generates hotter steam to tackle the toughest of jobs. Try it.

MightySteam® does not use a pressure type of boiler

MightySteam® uses patented BoilerFree™ technology, allowing our devices deliver steam temperatures over 900°F within about one minute of initial power. It also means no heavy pressure vessel to drag around and recertify each year.

Technical Specifications

Power 110V  
Current ~10 Amps (~1000W). Includes Opump draw
Phase Single Phase, 50/60Hz
Pressure 1 bar / 14.5psi absolute (0 bar relative to room). No pressure build-up tank requirement.
Maximum Steam Temperature 538ºC / 1000ºF
Standard Steam Temperature 500ºC / 932ºF
Water Reservoir Drum provided Electric pump. (Needs separate 120V conncetion)
Boiler Capacity BoilerFree™. Unlimited.
Steam Production 1 Kg/hr
Heatup Time 10-60 Seconds
Body Material Lightweight Composite
Dimensions 25"L x 4"W x 6"H
Weight About 3 lbs and about 50 lbs for box for shipping
*Temperature Indicator Included for this model (TC Reader & thermocouple inlcuded).
Made In Cincinnati, OH USA

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