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Technical Specifications

Volts 220V  
Current/Power 4.0 kW Nominal
Phase Single Phase, 50/60Hz
Pressure 1 bar / 14.5psi absolute (0 bar relative to room).
Maximum Steam Temperature  400C
Water Reservoir ~6-8 Gallons
Capacity BoilerFree™.  High.
Steam Production Within minutes
Heatup Time 10-60 Seconds
Runtime Typical  ~ 1-2 Hrs between refills
Body Material Lightweight Composite and Steel
Dimensions As shown (without panel  0.75m -1m depending on dimension)
Movement Castors plus movement of steam wand for steam direction
Temperature Indicator

Included.  OTC included

Mobile Steam Generation unit with steam wand for high velocity steam spray.  Power 4  KW.  

  • Superheated steam temperature  400°C (752°F)
  • 208-220V.  Single phase 50/60Hz.
  • Superheated-Steam-Jet.  
  • Boiler-free, ~4 kg/hr superheated-steam jet for cleaning.   
  • Patented product.  Mobile unit.  Castors included.
  • Thermocouple and temperature read-out included.  Control box will be outside unit.
  • Pure steam.  The temperature indicator is built-in.  
  • Pure steam.  The temperature indicator is built-in.  Continuous jet-use beyond an hour is allowed as long as device use is within allowed the specifications.
  • Safety against over-temperature is provided in the electronic control box.  
  • Safety against earth fault (ground fault) is provided.
  • All chords included.  Thermocouple and temperature read-out included.

Selections to be made during ordering.  

  • Standard-Full-Wand ~4.5 ft or Half-Wand ~2.5 ft. Full wand may drop ~100C and half wand may drop ~50C from steam temperature. No extra charge: Default is Full Wand.
  • Please select Canada button if for Canadian use. No Extra Charge.
  • Optional High Temperature Air Blowers(115Vor 220V):  VTA-01 for 600C (1 kW 115V) or VTA-02 for for 600C (2KW 220/230V).  These are optional hot air blowers for stand alone use.  Use for clean-up drying if required after the operation of the  of the MightSteam


  • Deep Penetration. Improved Productivity. Reduced process time. Defend with MightySteam®.
  • Higher Temperature. Moisture-free production of non-chemical steam. No organic residue from steam. Clean without Contaminating.
  • Use in sensitive spots where chemicals should not accumulate. Sensitive spots include pet-messes.
  • Best energy efficiency with patented steam production.  No boiler.  On-Off at will.
  • Easily dislodge hard to clean sticky substances with the 400°C  type steam. Cleanse at many levels.
  • Control the temperature easily. With controls and application distance. 
  • Recycling of plastics and other non-disposables. A steam cleaning  regiment could provide rapid productivity and cleanability.

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