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Mobile Steam Generation unit with steam wand  for high velocity steam spray.  Power ~5  KW.  

  • Superheated steam temperature  450°C (842°F)
  • Voltage at walll required is single phase 240V.   50/60Hz.
  • Superheated-Steam-Jet.  
  • Boiler-free, ~4-4.5 kg/hr superheated-steam jet.   
  • Patented product.  Mobile unit.  Castors included.
  • All chords included.  Thermocouple and temperature read-out included.  Units  will contain control box seperate from unit.
  • Pure steam.  The temperature indicator is built-in.  Continuous jet-use beyond an hour is allowed as long as device is used is within the allowed the specifications.
  • Patented product.  Mobile unit.  Castors included.  All chords included.  Thermocouple and temperature read-out included (will differ slightly between versions).
  • Over-temperature display and safety shut- off is included which is user adjustable.
  • Safety against earth fault (ground fault) is provided.

Selections to be made during ordering. 

  • Standard-Full-Wand ~4.5 ft or Half-Wand ~2.5 ft. Full wand may drop ~100C and half wand may drop ~50C from steam temperature. No extra charge: Default is Full Wand.
  • Please select Canada button if for Canadian use. No Extra Charge.
  • Optional High Temperature Air Blower:  VTA-01 (115V 1 KW) or VTA-02 (220/230V 2 KW) both or 600C maximum output.  This is a hot air blower for additional drying or cleaning.  Independent of the MightySteam unit.  

  • Deep Penetration. Improved Productivity. Reduced process time. Defend with MightySteam®.
  • Higher Temperature. Moisture-free production of non-chemical steam. No organic residue from steam. Clean without Contaminating.
  • Use in sensitive spots where chemicals should not accumulate. Sensitive spots include pet-messes.
  • Best energy efficiency with patented steam production.  No boiler.  On-Off at will.
  • Easily dislodge hard to clean sticky substances with the 450°C (842°F) type steam. Cleanse at many levels.
  • Control the temperature easily. With controls and application distance. 
  • Recycling of plastics and other non-disposables. A steam cleaning  regiment could provide rapid productivity and cleanability.

Technical Specifications

Volts 240V  
Current/Power 4.5/5 kW
Phase Single Phase, 50/60Hz
Pressure 1 bar / 14.5psi absolute (0 bar relative to room).
Maximum Steam Temperature  450C
Water Reservoir ~6-8 Gallons
Capacity BoilerFree™.  High.
Steam Production Within minutes
Heatup Time 10-60 Seconds
Runtime Typical  ~ 1-2 Hrs between refills
Body Material Lightweight Composite and Steel
Dimensions As shown (without panel  0.75m -1m depending on dimension)
Movement Castors plus movement of steam wand for steam direction
Temperature Indicator

Included.  OTC included

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