Bayzi MightySteam®

Bayzi MightySteam®

Bayzi's superheated steam can be  deployed for a number of uses such as HVAC cleaning, pest control, sanitization, and grease-removal cleaning in the auto sector.  Hotels, Recreation Gyms to Municipalities can be helped by cleaning with clean superheated steam.

The MS400-4 is a high volume supeheated jet spray.  The unit produces dry, high-temperature steam. When used properly, superheated steam is a known antibacterial agent.  Regardless, there is not enough information yet on whether it will help with every specific use/application/microbe.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the MightySteam's potential usefulness for your application. For very large industrial steam products, please link to MHIINC or please call 513-772-0404 or email kill rate by steam is dependent on the bioload and exposure time, and probably also on the number of sporing organisms and the presence of Biofilm.  Please read information this Bayzi website which reports on some of the reported resources. Thank you.

With this purchase are you investing in a cleaner and safer future for all of us?  Thank you.  

Bayzi recommends that an independent source for the biochemical indicators be used.  How does one know if the steam may work for an antimicrobial use?  One way is by using appropriate biomarkers and/or steam efficacy with the irreversible color changing steam-strips.  These are available by searching for them on the web.  Other ways are to consult an independent microbiologist do conduct tests or use kits that are described e.g. in the AOAC literature or other peer reviewed published literature.  

Financing Options.  The capital equipment can be financed. The consumables are water and electric.  

friendly for you in energy and clean

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