Bayzi MightySteam®

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Typical Use: Bayzi's superheated steam can be deployed for many uses such as HVAC cleaning, pest control, sanitization, and grease-removal cleaning in the auto sector. Food surfaces, stone surfaces, hotels, airplanes, ships, ambulances, offices, gyms and sanitation cleaning activities can be assisted by cleaning with superheated steam.  Degrease and dislodge with MightSteam®. The MS400-4 is a high volume superheated jet spray.  The unit produces dry, high-temperature steam.  When used properly, superheated steam is a known antibacterial agent for several microbes. 

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Mobile Steam Generation unit with steam wand  for high velocity steam spray.  Power ~5 &nb..
$16,995.00 $14,595.00
Mobile Steam Generation unit with steam wand for high velocity steam spray.  Power 4  KW. ..
$15,995.00 $13,995.00
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MightySteam®-BP-100 Vapor -M Jet
MightySteam®-BP-100 Vapor-M  is a powerful high steam vapor (Backpack Model) 110V.  Power ..
$9,995.00 $8,995.00
Based on 1 reviews.