HealthySurface® is a service in which surfaces are restored to, and maintained at, an original condition utilizing treatment provided by the superheated steam process and apparatus of MightySteam®. HealthySurface® provides the removal of foreign substances from objects and surfaces to original conditions including cleanliness, texture or scent.  Cleanliness, as used here, may be defined as the removal of any substance not originally present on a surface. A treatment provided by HealthySurface® will restore original conditions, however, repeated applications or other sanitation processes are necessary to maintain these conditions on a more permanent basis.

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Although steam is a known antimicrobial agent, normal washing and cleaning should be continued following a steam treatment. A steam treatment is not a guarantee that any surface is completely cleansed of microbes, however, it has been established that superheated steam itself is an antimicrobial agent. The efficacy of any surface cleaning treatment, including MightySteam® performed by the HealthySurface® service, could decay over time depending on the cleanliness of the surrounding environment and the nutrients present. Please contact Bayzi for any questions.  Some further published comparisons for surfaces that offer antimicrobial functions Antimicrobial and anticorrosive efficacy of inorganic nanoporous surfaces.


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