MightySteam News

MightySteam® is a portable steam generator ideal for many cleaning applications. MightySteam® offers standard high temperature cleaning steam, as well as high temperature non-condensing steam (higher than the inversion temperature), (low oxygen content) ideal for disinfection. All MightySteam® devices feature SaniZap® technology, allowing for fast, effective cleaning of surfaces. The MightySteam® unit consists of two primary parts, the ergonomically designed steam generator, which features the steam output nozzle, and the water tank. Once plugged in, the MightySteam® begins to generate superheated steam within seconds.  News of funding allocated for resisting bacteria - perhaps that could use the MightSteam products?  Please check with the proper agency and or microbiologist and or food cleaning experts.

References: From the basic youtube video https://youtu.be/NGwP471sehI  one may understand the ways in which cells are denatured and also the basic functioning and characterization of antibiotics.  Compare types of uses with nano feature containing surfaces with chemicals and antibiotics.  See also https://www.scientific.net/KEM.521.  Please also consult the information provided by the Diseases Society of America (http://www.idsociety.org/IDSA_Practice_Guidelines/). Please also refer to the Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy (http://www.sanfordguide.com/) for organism-specific or disease-specific antibiotic recommendations with Bactericidal, bacteriostatic A few articles comparing gram positive and gram negative bacteria and the efficacy of nano particles, steam and disinfectant are compared in the literature references.