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MHI Steam Generators Product Testimonials

J.K., One of the largest US Company for CPG and health care goods

Worked beautifully – ...  Thanks.

J.M, Billion Dollar US Company

"I have finally had a chance to work with the heater (steamer); it is performing fairly well."

J.B., Major US University

"... he was a great help and recommended the HGS product line."

M.W., Major US University

Ours (HGA-S) seems to be working fine ....

F. ., Major Canadian University

Hello ... I ran the steam generator and the CX1300 unit this afternoon................. the CX1300, both pieces of equipment worked well.  Thanks for the pdf on the controllers. Now that I know that everything is working, please tell........that I will forward him some pictures of my modifications.

S Company, U.K.

...We used the HGA2 as a research and development tool for our surgical devices.  The HGA2 steam device performed well for us.  It was used up to heat various plastics and materials up to 400°C with steam.” 

"I believe in keeping my family safe with the proper high temperature superheated steam cleaning. This is such a good direction for public health improvement products. When I cleaned my rest room at home i felt it clean even though I could not visually see if the very small bacteria had been inactivated".  Professor, Cincinnati, USA.

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VTA-01 (110V)
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