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Financing helps you invest in equipment, conserve cash with monthly payments instead of a lump-sum, and allows tax benefits as well. Most importantly, the Return on Investment (ROI) with Bayzi Corporation's products will easily offset, if not exceed the monthly payments. Again, Bayzi has set a high bar for your returns.  Sometimes the capital equipment can pay for itself very quickly.

Bayzi understands the need for your financing and has partnered with some companies that can help. Although financing is not guaranteed, Bayzi Corporation can help you with this search. For your convenience, some useful links and resources are provided here.

To use the sample payment calculator for approximate amounts:

  • Enter amount to be financed for the equipment
  • Enter number of months
  • Enter an interest rate (or choose a Finance Partner's link for an estimated rate)
  • Calculated monthly payment is an estimate. Actual amount will be determined directly with the finance company.

Bayzi Equipment Friendly Financing Links

For financing in the U.S (from $5000 and above) Taycor Finance

For large project financing (world-wide) VFI.NET

Please contact us directly for more information on ROI or help with financing partners.



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